Halloween Road Safety Tips

Happy Halloween everyone!  This year, my daughter decided that she did not want to go trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Instead she wants to give out candy to the trick or treaters who come to our door.  Honestly speaking, I love that she’s chosen to give instead of receive.  As a parent, the importance of giving and doing without expecting anything in return is something I have spoken to her about, so it really is heartwarming that she’s doing this.  For those you who are going out trick or treating, enjoy and be safe!

Use traffic signals and crosswalks when crossing streets, especially at corners

Pay attention to your whereabouts.  Avoid texting and/or talking on the phone if possible, except in emergencies

Add reflective tape to dark colored costumes.  Glow sticks or flashlights are helpful ways so that drivers are able to see kids in the dark

Keep an eye out for cars which are backing up or making turns

Go over the road safety rules with children emphasizing the importance of them not darting out into the street or crossing between parked cars

If your child is older and going out alone or with friends, agree on a specific time they will be returning home and also agree on the route they plan to take when they go out

Do you take your child/children trick or treating for Halloween?  What road safety tips would you add to this list?

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