My Favorite Things About Fall

Happy Monday! Now that Fall is officially here, today on the blog I am sharing some things that I love about this season.

1.  Fall colors – I can’t get enough of the different shades of orange and brown that just about litter almost everything in sight. From store windows to fallen leaves, I just love these gorgeous colors!

2. Pumpkins and more pumpkins – I would be the first one to admit that I don’t like like eating the vegetable or even pumpkin pie for that matter, but I do love seeing all the pumpkins in the various patches around town.

3. Sweaters – The more the merrier! No further explanation needed!

4. Fall Festivals – When I lived in NY, I never went to a fall festival. In fact, I don’t recall seeing an ad for any around the town I lived near or maybe there were a few but I just never paid attention to it. Anyhoo, since moving to Texas I have attended a few and this year is no exception. After all, it’s where I’ll be able to get some really good warm apple cider ?

5. Thanksgiving – Three adjectives come to mind when I think of this holiday: grateful, thankful and blessed. I refer to these 3 words every day but after surviving Hurricane Harvey last month, they are that much more meaningful to me.

6. Christmas shopping – The beginning of Fall also means that there are roughly 100 more days until Christmas which means it’s time to get my list together. I usually don’t have much shopping to do but this year I do have a few additional people to shop for so I need to get started sooner rather than later so I am not doing all of it at the last minute.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

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