15 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

This is one of my favorite types of posts to read, so today you get to read mine. I hope you enjoy finding out some new things about me. Here we go!
  1. I have a twin sister. We are fraternal so you can definitely tell us apart, but if you spoke to us on the phone you may not know which one of us you’re speaking to.
  2. Catch Me If You Can is one of my favorite movies. Do you concur?
  3. I have never seen a Star Wars or Star Trek movie.
  4. I recently purchased a Crock Pot for the first time EVER!
  5. My favorite dessert is Crème Brulée.
  6. My daughter is the best gift I have ever received!
  7. My parents have been married for 48 years.
  8. I still wear a jacket which I purchased 10 years ago. Talk about getting my money’s worth!
  9. I absolutely despise white chocolate but dark chocolate is my favorite.
  10. I have been drunk only once in my life. Never again!
  11. I have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones.
  12. I am both near and far sighted.
  13. I often think about having laser eye surgery but I am afraid that when the procedure is finished I am greeted by a Seeing Eye dog because something went wrong LOL!!
  14. My mom and I both share the same middle name:  Patricia.
  15. When I return from a trip, I unpack my suitcase as soon as I get back home.


Now be honest…at what point did you stop reading? Haha!!
Seriously though, comment below to let me know what you thought and I’d love to hear some of things about yourself that some people do not know!



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